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Insert Here is a sex podcast that rides the line between lust and learning. Grab your strap on and hear pro tips from sexually adventurous guests as they share their personal stories with host Kate Warren. From navigating polyamory to sex as a trans person, each week a new guest will share the uncensored, uncut truth of their sex lives outside the heteronormative experience. Have questions or want to share your story? Email and let’s get kinky.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Graphic Sex

    Meet Jennifer Beman as she unpacks the importance of visual personal storytelling, and how it allows us to reflect on our sex lives.

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    Can I Get a Happy Ending With That?

    Former sex worker turned sex educator Benjamin schools us on how sexological bodywork can be used to experiment and expand pleasure practices. Benjamin is certified in Sexological Bodywork from the state of California and has a practice based in NYC working with individuals, couples, and groups to help them experiment and expand their sexual experiences through one-directional Ecstatic Erotic Embodiment Massage. Using massage, breathwork, movement, and sound his work creates opportunities to experience conscious ecstatic and erotic states.

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    Period Partners

    "Join Chica Chocolate co-founders Cassidy Lam and Elise Morgan as they discuss how starting a period company helped them gain closeness with their sexualities and their bodies. To learn more about what shaped our guests’ sexual identities, explore the sources below.

    Go Beyond Listening:

    "Cunt: A Declaration of Independence Expanded and Updated Second Edition" by Inga Muscio “Against The Couple-Form” by Clémence X. Clementine, Lies Journal, Vol 1: “Sexual Relations and the Class Struggle” by Alexandra Kollontai: "Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism" by Kristen R. Ghodsee:

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    Body Builders and Pageant Queens

    Queer couple Ashley and Midori share their experiences coming out as and athlete and pageant queen. We talk about how that shaped their female identities. They discuss how abstinence gave them the foundation for their relationship and the explosive sex that came after.

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    Turkey Basted Bisexual: Race, Pleasure, and Coming Out

    We welcome Nia Abram to the Insert Here team as a producer. She is a badass black, queer, bisexual sex educator who specializes in the intersection of race, gender, and queerness and we’re pumped to have her share her story as we get to work together. We talk about how race impacts how she dates and has sex, and how living queer is the new coming out.

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    Don Juan Does Non-Monogamy

    Bob and his wife met Insert Here host Kate Warren on a threesome app, so here we are! He is a straight-ish male in a non-monogamous marriage with a new baby navigating girl friends, his wife, and his changing views on masculinity. He also talks about growing up in machismo Mexican culture and how that shaped his views of gender and sex.

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    The Lesbian Myth, Anxiety, and Sex

    Lauren Martella is a cisgender femme lesbian debunking myths about the lesbian experience, how trauma challenged her notions of self, and the roles depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia play in identity and sex.

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    Sex and Autism, Plus Multiple Male Orgasms

    Juan Pablo Ruiz is a Mexican-American scientist getting a PhD in stem cell research. He’s a cis-male, straight but bicomfortable twenty-something who is diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He drops knowledge about navigating sex with folks on the autism spectrum, his self discovery through an affair with a married woman, porn addiction, and multiple male orgasms.

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    Pleasure After Trauma

    Author, clinical trauma specialist, and sexuality educator Laura Zam (@laurazam) embarked on a quest to overcome 30 years of sexual pain caused by childhood trauma, trying over fifty kinds of treatments, therapies, and solutions. She found her way back to pleasure and used her newfound knowledge in her writing, plays, and workshops to help others do the same. She shares her story, what worked for her, and offers a toolkit for anyone looking to rewire or jumpstart their approach to pleasure.

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    Navigating Polyamory and Marriage

    Women Uncorked host Rebecca Hassell was a serial cheater until she and her husband negotiated a polyamory contract. We discuss their journey to polyamory, navigating cheating and jealousy, what to do with mismatched libido, and what marriage actually means when you’re not monogamous.

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    Exploring Masculine Vulnerability with Mike Way

    Mike Way sleeps with women but identifies as bisexual - which he explores through fantasies acted out in the fetish community. We talk about not liking blowjobs, what it’s like to explore bisexuality as a man, and how to use kink and fantasy to explore his attraction to men. We also get deep in the man feels when we discuss how society’s ideas of masculinity keep guys from exploring their sexuality, pressure to “be a man” (whatever that means), and how guys just really want to talk about their feelings.

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    Pegging, Pansexuality, and a Year of Celibacy with a Sex Enthusiast

    Heather Barnes-Flint is an artist and substance abuse counselor based in Florida - and host Kate Warren's childhood best friend. We get into the nitty gritty of conquering substance abuse, MMF threesomes, pegging, and pansexuality. What's the final frontier for someone who has tried everything? Listen and find out.

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    Overcoming Toxic Masculinity, Substance Abuse, and Love and Sex Addiction

    Raised in a prominent Muslim and Catholic family, Italian Moroccan artist Kamal Jauad Abdelilah experienced a traumatic coming out that led to struggles with substance abuse, love and sex addiction, and finding peace in his masculine softness and vulnerability. We discuss how toxic masculinity restricts and hurts men, why meth is so common in the gay community, and how being brave enough to be who you are sets you free.

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    Welcome to the Boys’ Club: One Woman’s Story from the Sexist Trenches in the Virtual Reality Industry

    What happens when someone you’re dating gets called out by the #MeToo movement? Veronica shares stories from one of tech’s most male-dominated industries. We discuss how toxic masculinity impacts building a career as a woman in a field rife with harassment, separating work from play, and how sex is weaponized in a power-hungry sprint for venture capitalist funding.

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    Being Gender Non-Binary: Labels, Who Needs ‘Em!

    Mundy Spears is a DC area native who is a gender non-binary artist, musician, and teacher making work that creates inclusive spaces and overcomes labels. We discuss why humans love labels around gender and sexuality, what it means to be gender non-binary, and tackle the whole pronoun thing. Mundy also drops some serious knowledge about the five (!!) genders used by indigenous cultures, and walks us through their own journey from “she” to “they”.

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    Babealicious trans nightlight performer Ana Latour joins us to discuss her experience as a young trans woman. We explore what it’s like to have sex as a gay man versus as a trans woman, what it’s like to date (including some serious fetishization), and what it means to be a female in predominantly gay male spaces. A performance artist at her core, Ana uses surrealism and humor to explore sexuality and gender identity.

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    Femme Domme Unicorn

    Femme dom Sarah Massey discusses her love for dominating men, the finer points of using a strap on (fun for everyone!), and being in a triad relationship. She’s the sergeant of hotness in a women’s LGBTQ motorcycle club called Outriders, runs an aphrodisiac supper club called Yes Please More Please, and is active in the poly you know she left us begging for more, like any good dom would.

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    Introducing, My Vibrator! A Guide to Self Pleasure

    You can’t ask for what you want until you figure out what that is. Enter masturbation as a tool for self discovery! Artist Rose Jaffe talks about how masturbation helps her level up her sex life on this week’s episode. We also discuss how to have a rich sex life without penetrative sex, the role of toys, and dismantling the the patriarchy via solo female pleasure.

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    Poppers, Rim Jobs and Dating as HIV Positive

    Guest Tyler Wood whips his queer theory degree dick out for a wild ride through sex as an HIV-positive person, losing his virginity in the Boy Scouts, why white girls should stay the fuck out of gay bars, and how to give someone the best rim job of their life.

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    Show Me Your Claws, Kinkster

    Trans rights advocate Isaac unpacks his man panty drawer and brings out his stainless steel claws for a kinky show-and-tell conversation about queering masculinity as a cis, straight-ish man married to a woman...who is down with polyamory. He explains overcoming jealousy in the poly community, navigating power dynamics as a switch, and how to negotiate kink scenes of your own.

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    Teach Me How to Orgy, Then Punch Me ‘til I Cum

    Genderqueer personal trainer and kink educator Marcus Gregory gives us a blow-by-blow tutorial on impact play, including whipping, flogging, and yes, punching someone to orgasm. Then we walk through orgy etiquette, including what to bring, how to have nice manners, and the best way to choose your own orgy adventure.

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    Hocking Panties on Craigslist and Making Porn with James Deen

    Writer and comedian Jenn Tisdale joins the second episode of Insert Here to take us behind the scenes about making a porn with pornstar James Deen, selling her used panties on Craigslist, and navigating requests for incest fantasy fetishes.

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    Insert Here Debuts: Rub Me Down with Oil and Lick My Armpits, It’s Insert Here!

    Gender fuck performance artist Pussy Noir joins the inaugural episode of Insert Here for a very fabulous, kinky chat about leather club etiquette, how to shop for an use a double-ended dildo, and the idea of identity as a performance. We also get down and dirty about douching, femphobia in the gay community, and whether the concept of ‘shade’ is dead in 2018.

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